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“Donations received enable them to receive vital help with their work”

Charitable Support for grieving children

All too often children experience grief as result of the loss of someone close to them and families can encounter physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, financial and geographic upheaval after a loved one’s death.

Children need nurturing, attention, love and stability during the grieving process, but unfortunately, often parents and other family members are dealing with their own grief and cannot always be emotionally present for their young ones or worse still it may be a parent who has been lost.

When support services for the bereaved are present in the community, families can gain strength by learning to grieve well together. But some children who do not have the love, nurturing and attention they need after a loved one’s death, may seek to find comfort in wrong places. Our youngest children, who do not have the language skills to express their anger and frustration, may become introverted, depressed, act out, start fights, refuse to leave the presence of a surviving parent, or struggle to attend classes and complete schoolwork.

We cannot change the death individuals have experienced, but we can make a difference by providing an opportunity to be with other bereaved children, teens and young adults, as well as trained grief counselors who truly understand their pain and for that reason we support various charities who have experience in helping children and families who are grieving a loved one’s death.

Donations received enable them to receive vital help with their work with the energy impoverished and we ask you to please help us to help them by providing your support too.

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