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“All of this stress and anxiety & distress can be avoided by organising your funeral today”


The cost of dying is rising faster than the cost of living, leaving grieving families who have not made any intelligent plans for their future to suffer the associated consequences.

Using the United Kingdom as a typical example, the average cost of a funeral has increased by over 120% over the past decade from £1,900 ten years ago (in 2008) to £4,200 on average today and this figure doesn't even represent the full costs of a funeral (ie. the wake etc).

If funeral charges had risen in line with the cost of living, (ie. 2.5% per yr) the average cost today would be just £2,400, some £1,800 less than the actual average figure.

Alarmingly, based on the same yearly increase (of 8.5%) for the past ten years, in another ten years time (ie. in 2028) a basic funeral will cost over £9,500.

Many of those left behind after the death of a loved one are getting into debt and or having to cut back or change the funeral arrangements as they simply can not afford the rising prices.

It has also been reported that the bereaved are having to sell belongings to pay for funerals.

*IMPORTANT FACT: After death, your funeral will usually have taken place (& will need to be paid for) within 10 days of dying. However it will take a further 9 months until your family be able to access any money you leave to them in your Will which means they will have to find the money to pay for your funeral from their own sources.

All of this stress and anxiety & distress can be avoided by organising your funeral(s) today. The only certainty in life is your death & with that comes the certainty that your funeral needs to be organised & paid for.

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“If I live for just another 20 years, my wife and children will be facing a ridiculously high bill of to bury me. This was the reason why both my wife and I bought our Funeral Plans in 2016 and took away that financial burden.”

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